A Unit of Path Defender Private Limited (XMA Member of Karate India Organisation)



We practice a flexible style of karate that mixes traditional karate with modern practice and competing techniques. XMA Karate Club includes people of all ages and nationalities. We offer separate classes for children. New students are welcome to join the club at any time If you interested to train with us during you are very welcome.


What is Karate..?

Karate is one of the most dynamic of all the martial arts. A trained karateka is able to coordinate mind and body perfectly, thereby allowing the unleashing of tremendous physical power at will. Therefore, it is not the possession of great physical strength that makes a strong personality; rather it is the ability to coordinate mind and body. Upon developing this ability, even the smallest person finds that he or she has within himself or herself the power to deliver a devastating blow to any would be the attacker.


Anyone can learn Martial Arts, regardless of age, sex, or limitations, it is never too late to begin practice. Even the physically challenged individual can learn martial arts because it is not just kicking and punching. It is a modern universal art of self-defense and character development.


Discipline is the foundation stone of a martial artist and self-respect is the pillar". You should always be aware of what you do and say and how it will affect others. Discipline yourself. When you can control what you do and say, you will know the satisfaction of having contributed your best, whether it be by outward expression or silence at the right time. Your ability to discipline yourself will have a direct effect on the degree of success you have in attempting to reach your goals. Your self-respect will be something that you deserved and earned.


Everything comes to those who wait". When one begins practicing martial arts, hours are spent performing techniques over and over, sweating as you go. When you leave to go home, you can leave that place behind, but you must take that patience and persistence with you. Not only during practice but in everything you do, have patience. Whether driving your car or cooking dinner, give yourself the gift of time. Don't try to beat the red light. Patience can save your life.


Whenever you drive, your car must go a certain direction, otherwise you will make unnecessary turns and waste fuel. The same is true in life. You should have a goal, a direction in which you will go. In certain times of hardship, having, keeping and relying on your goal can help brace you for the continuous road ahead.


Everyone makes commitments in their life but few people practice the art of keeping their word on promises. Whenever you make a commitment, stick by it, even if circumstances change and you end up losing somewhere. Your promise is your name. Give it a reason to be depended on.


 Always remember one of the most important distinctions between individuals is their character. As children, we are blind to politics, financial and social status. We act how we feel, spontaneously and without influence. As we reach adulthood we learn the rules of the world and that in some cases, acquiring what you want means sacrificing a little individuality. If we are fortunate enough to begin martial arts as a child, we can avoid the adolescent conformity. Individuality, pride, self-confidence, optimism none of these are for sale. This is another part of you that a million dollars cannot buy.


The meaning of respect includes several things, all of which deal with your relationship with others. The degree to which you trust, love and attempt to understand others equates to the degree of respect you have for them. If you ignore someone, obviously, your respect for that person is not great. Attempt to extend yourself, to offer your undivided attention so that not only do you please others but you also gain from the experience. Enrich your life by respecting others.


A look in any high school physics book will give us the equation Force = Mass X Velocity. This means that an object with twice the mass moving at the same speed as another object will hit with twice the force, or an object moving at twice the speed will hit with twice the force. This is a proven law of physics. It explains why a small bullet with little mass but traveling at a very high velocity can do so much damage. When we apply this unwavering law of physics to the martial arts it gets a little more complicated. Therefore to increase the force of your strikes you must increase your mass or your velocity.

Physically increasing your mass through weight training will increase your power but of coarse you must be careful that you are not sacrificing speed.


A small technical machine can do a lot of work, as we read in our books simple machines i.e. a pulley, a rod if used technically right they can lift up amazingly lot of weight. So remember all your martial arts techniques are the same principles of science.


An easier way to increase your mass or force is to work on weight transfer. Weight transfer is simply the process of applying your mass to achieve the maximum benefit. This is accomplished many ways, by developing a strong base, by proper transfer of energy through the hips, by using full extension of your techniques, as well as other aspects of proper body mechanics. These methods of developing efficient mass transfer are usually described simply as developing "good form". All instructors teach proper form but not all understand that its purpose, in scientific terms, is to increase the amount of mass that is directly applied to the strike.


Velocity is the other aspect of force. There are many drills that are used to increase a student's speed, but it is the speed of the delivery, not the reaction speed, that increases force. The two easiest methods to increase the speed at which a technique is delivered is one, to improve flexibility through proper stretching so that the muscles don't have to work against internal resistance. Secondly, to simply concentrate. It is amazing how delivery speed can be improved if students concentrate on hitting fast instead of just hitting.